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What is Vaping?

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Vaping is the term used when one uses an electronic vaporiser device in conjunction with e-liquid, to vaporise said e-liquid which is then inhaled and exhaled. The number of users who have switched from smoking conventional cigarettes to using electronic cigarettes has risen exponentially since they gained any real notoriety & exposure in 2010. With demand comes supply, and therefore the amount of vape shops and online e-cigarette retailers has blossomed to cater for the ever-growing market of vapers worldwide. Vaping itself has evolved in terms of the technology used, there is currently a huge spectrum of different e-liquids available, and modern hardware which has spawned to cater for advanced vapers includes RDA’s, Squonk Devices and high performance personal vaporiser devices (mods). E-cigarettes in the UK are restricted to be sold to people of ages 18+, and with the recent TPD regulations, any reputable seller would need to make checks in stores via valid identification or electronically if buying online.  

The general set up of an e-cigarette consists of an e-liquid holding cartridge with a mouthpiece (tank) & a power source, most tanks contain a filter (also known as a coil) which contains cotton and a conducting wire. The cotton acts to absorb the e-liquid, the wire heats when you operate the device which in turn vaporises the wet cotton to produce vapour which is then inhaled. E-liquid is available in nicotine free form, or with nicotine already mixed of which the strength varies. Most vapers are ex-smokers, the number of ex-smokers in the UK who have switched to vaping is estimated to be around the 3 million mark, smoking in the UK has hit a record low in modern times with the use of e-cigarettes being widely considered to be a direct result of falling smoker numbers.  

Vaping has been endorsed by numerous health experts worldwide, and although a slight grey area still exists in regards to their long term effects, vaping is widely regarded as a much safer alternative to smoking. Some of the most reliable studies so far includes Public Health England’s 2015 report which concluded that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, Cancer research UK has also heavily endorsed the use of e-cigarettes as a means to give up smoking due to the fact that tobacco use is the biggest cause of cancer in the UK.  

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