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Elf Bar 600

Posted by Kurtis O Brien on

Since their humble inception in 2018, Elf Bars have slowly risen to become one of the leading brands in the current disposable e-cigarette phenomenon. These convenient throwaway devices will provide you with approximately 600 puffs at a nicotine strength of 2%(Other strengths also available), each one harbouring concentrated flavour profiles which is the key to their popularity. Elf have since gone on to release various other products to build on their already formidable reputation, like the Mate500 Pod with its P1 pre-filled pods, the T600 and the FB1000 refillable device. Elf Bars are mixed with salt nicotine to ensure a smooth draw, they are activated by simply inhaling which is depicted by the LED at the base of the pen that lights whilst inhaling.

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