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Battery Safety

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Battery safety in regards to electronic cigarettes is a vital element to ensure safe everyday vaping, there are many risks with the types of batteries used in electronic cigarette devices, in this article we will outline the potential risks and ways to avoid any issues directly attributed to battery safety. Any type of battery can be considered a huge risk if not used or stored correctly, however batteries commonly used in vaping devices pose more of a risk due to their more powerful nature. 


Batteries used in regulated mods. 

The advantage of regulated mods is that the circuitry & chipset within the device provide protection to things such as short circuits or low resistances hence these devices are more suited to inexperienced vapers. It should be noted however that as with any electronic device, it could malfunction leaving you in no better position than using an unregulated device. Regulated mods can contain a built in battery which cannot be removed, here are some pointers which can ensure safe usage of such a device: 

  • Don’t drop your device! Although this seems a given and any drops would be accidental, a sudden shock to a battery can cause it to ‘vent’ which can pose a fire risk/injury risk. If you drop your device, you should keep it in a safe container and dispose of it responsibly at the earliest opportunity, we are aware this sounds drastic but you are always better safe than sorry.  
  • Use the correct charging cable! Always use the charging cable provided, and never ever use a specialist plug in conjunction with your USB lead such as a fast charging USB plug that modern day mobile phones use.  
  • Do not overcharge your device! Most modern day regulated devices will automatically cut-off the charging process once the batteries are charged to their full capacities, but you can go that extra step & simply unplug your device once it is fully charged.  

If you have a regulated mod which uses external batteries, you should still stick to everything we have just mentioned, as well as the following: 

  • Ensure you are using an authentic mod! With any product that is in high demand, counterfeits are inevitable as crooks try to cash in on a trend. This is particularly dangerous when it comes to vaping mods as a fake will almost certainly not be made to the same standards as the original, corners will be cut to ensure bigger profits for the seller. This could mean certain safety measures within the device would be compromised and therefore leading to you carrying a ticking time bomb.  
  • If you are using an external charger, ensure it is an authentic high quality charger. Fogfathers recommends using products from Nitecore or Xtar, these chargers are made to the highest quality & feature the most up to date protection & safety features that are vital when charging batteries. 
  • Do not expose your batteries to extreme temperatures, this can affect the battery to such an extent that its operation could be damaged & therefore their performance can deteriorate or even worse they could become potentially dangerous. 
  • Never use damaged batteries! Damaged batteries are a big no no, things such as torn wrapping or a broken/missing insulation ring at the top means that you are just asking for trouble. If your batteries are damaged, do the sensible thing and dispose of them in a responsible manner. 
  • Always buy genuine batteries! Although it is rare that a consumer will intentionally buy counterfeit batteries, you should research the seller before making any purchase. All batteries bought from are guaranteed originals that have been individually batch tested, a feature that any responsible seller should partake to ensure the authenticity of their cells. Counterfeit cells are simply put, dangerous and irresponsible to knowingly use.  
  • Don’t leave charging batteries unattended. You should be within clear view of any batteries that are charging at all times.  
  • Don’t leave your vaping device on a flammable surface such as cloth or a carpet. This will make any fire risk unlikely to spiral out of control. 
  • Never carry batteries loose! Any batteries you wish to carry should be in a suitable rubber/plastic case. The number of explosions that have occurred in recent times due to loose batteries exploding is increasing as the number of vapers increases, batteries usually touch a conducting item such as keys or coins and results in an injury.  

Using batteries in mechanical mods 

Using batteries in mechanical mods is designed for advanced vape users only, simply due to the risks involved and the knowledge required to safely use a mechanical mod. You should know your battery inside out, and use that information to ensure the resistance of your coil isn’t too low for your battery. Mechanical mods have no safety features, instead there is simply a fire button that acts to complete the circuit which in turn draws voltage from your battery and therefore precautions should be taken to ensure a safe vaping experience. Be aware of your chosen batteries amp limit and voltage output, and use Ohms Law to check that the amp limit is not exceeded. For example, if you are using a Samsung 25R battery which has an output voltage of 4.2V, you should divide this by the resistance of your coil which we will assume is 0.4ohms…. giving us a current of 10.5A. The maximum continuous discharge of a Samsung 25R is 20A, and thus we are well below the limitations of the battery.  

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