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An in depth review into the IQOS heated tobacco device.

Posted by Kurtis O Brien on

The IQOS kit is a tobacco heating device contrived by giants Phillip Morris as as a way for smokers to make the switch to what is a claimed is a 95% less riskier alternative. Its method of heating tobacco and the benefits of this style of 'vaping' is somewhat shrouded with conflicting opinions and a general grey area, here we will dive into the ins & outs of how the device works and the reason for its growing popularity on a worldwide scale. 


How does IQOS work?

At present(February 2022), the only device available to purchase is the IQOS 3.0 DUO which is conveniently their most advanced contraption to dateThe IQOS 3.0 DUO when fully charged holds enough juice to use 20 HEET sticks, you can use 2 consecutive HEETs, the holder can be used for 2 consecutive HEETs before the holder must be placed back into the charger for its next use. To check the level of charge remaining in your device, simply tap the button which will give you an indication of the remaining level via the LED bar. 




To begin, you must remove the IQOS holder from its charging case by pushing on the lower region of the side which will expose the pen, of course the charging case should be charged beforehand. 



The holder will show whether it has enough power for 1 use or 2 consecutive uses, if it shows 1 light and you wish to use 2 x HEET's then simply place the holder back into the charger until both LED's show. 



The next step is push your desired HEET slowly into the holder(Making sure not to twist the HEET) until you reach the silver marker on the HEET.

                          Iqos HEET Insert


Now that the HEET is in position, hold down the button to initiate the heating process. A mild vibration will be felt to let you know the heating process has begun. The two LED's will pulsate for a short time and then a double vibration will occur to let you know that the holder is ready. The heating process tends to emit an odd odour which is simply a by product of the cured tobacco getting warmer. When the HEET is coming to an end, you will feel another mild double vibration to let you know that the heating process will soon stop. Once the LED goes off, you'll need to slide open the holder and remove the HEET stick and then slide it closed, at this stage you can choose to use another HEET if one LED remains(Denoting that there is enough charge), or go ahead and place the holder back into its charger so that it can prepare for its next use. The used HEET stick will be warm immediately after its use and extraction from its holder, it will be charred due to exposure to high temperatures and cannot be used again.






The technology within.

Designing the IQOS was financed by a large budget(Reportedly a multi billion pound budget) courtesy of Philip Morris and constant consultations with leading scientists to ensure that the end product was of premium quality, the research and culmination of the IQOS spans a decade long. Their aim was to create a smoke free alternative and they claim that the IQOS device can reduce the amount of carcinogens associated with traditional cigarettes by up to 95%. IQOS have a patented 'HeatControl' technology whereby a ceramic sensor blade penetrates the HEET stick and heats to a temperature of up to 350C whilst monitoring the temperature constantly to ensure a uniform vaping experience. 

The HEET sticks do indeed contain real tobacco, a rather complicated arrangement of filters as well as the main filter where the customer will make contact with the HEET. 


IQOS use worldwide.

The latest figures shows that IQOS use has surpassed the 20 million mark on a worldwide scale, proving that this innovation is attracting consumers who are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to heated tobacco products. It is no secret that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to achieve, this is made even more difficult with a lack of suitable alternatives...the IQOS device has definitely given any smoker willing to quit a suitable alternative which can only be viewed in a positive light. IQOS is currently most used in Japan where the number of users of IQOS has surpassed the amount of cigarette smokers, the first time this has occurred. IQOS is notably popular in the UAE, UK, Lithuania, Italy & Romania where HEET's are widely available at convenience stores and supermarkets. 


The taste verdict.

When using the IQOS you will instantly notice its reminiscence to a traditional cigarette with respect to taste and smell. Another noticeable difference is the tightness of the draw required to inhale an adequate amount of vapour, this is due to the other end of HEET being blocked as opposed to open with a traditional cigarette...IQOS have compensated this issue with airholes held within the exposed filter. One much maligned features of the IQOS is the unpleasant smell emitted when the HEET warms up, this is simply a by product of the heating process. 


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