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Twelve Monkeys

Twelve monkeys have been a mainstay in the e-liquid domain for a good few years now, they are a Canadian company who pride themselves in producing stunning flavoured e-juices using only the finest ingredients. They are recipients of awards such as the best new brand award 2015 & best international brand 2017 as voted by vapers themselves, these accolades just go to show twelve monkeys notoriety within the e-cigarette world.

Some of the standout flavours from their range includes ‘Mangebeys’ which is a blend of pineapples, guava & mango for a tropical vape sensation that is sure to please. If you enjoy e-liquids mixed with yoghurt then ‘Bonogurt’ offers a tantalising concoction of mixed berries with a greek yoghurt edge, silky and moreish to say the least. Twelve monkeys are always evolving with the times with new juices appearing in their roster every few months or so, such as ‘Harambae’ which is an exotic fusion of grapefruit, lemon & limes, orange & guava in what is a tremendous tribute to the fallen gorilla of the same name, may he RIP.

Twelve monkeys comes to you in varying VG/PG ratios, in 50ml shortfill bottles at a ridiculous £14.99 a pop so you too can enjoy premium Canadian e-liquid and share the joy that this e-liquid company has showered the vaping world with! 


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