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Moving away from disposable e-cigarettes

Posted by Kurtis O Brien on

The recent surge in popularity of e-cigarettes is undoubtably down to the success of disposables like the SKE Crystals, Elf Bars & Lost Mary's. Their nationwide availability along with their high nicotine content and realistic flavours has helped many people make the successful switch from smoking to vaping which can only be looked at through positive lenses. Here at Fogfathers, we have noted that more and more people are requesting the best alternative to replace disposable e-cigarettes with most customers blaming the cost factor as their biggest concern, here we look at the most feasible options for the consumer if they wish to reduce or eradicate their use of disposables.


Pre-filled Pod Devices

Arguably the closest you can get to disposable devices is the pre-filled option where you retain the chargeable battery element and simply interchange the liquid holding pod. The advantages of such a device is that the flavour intensity remains the same as a disposable and in some cases can even surpass the flavour achieved from a Crystal/Elf/Lost Mary. The drawback is that the cost effectiveness of such a system can still be considerable but overall this remains a cheaper option. Below we outline such devices:



This compact device mimics ELF's disposable e cigarettes in its size and draw activated operation. You can choose from a vast array of flavours which come in twin packs, these pre filled pods are sealed and once the seal is broken you will achieve a similar amount of puffs that you would get from an Elf bar from each pod. The initial cost of £7.99 for the device and a subsequent £4.99 per pack of 2 pods results in a more cost effective option which also results in significantly less plastic & battery waste. 



A device to rival Elf's popular mate was recently unveiled by SKE in the form of their Crystal Plus pod device, similar to the Elf Mate 500 in that the battery element is retained and used in conjunction with their replacement pre filled pods. Like the Elf, the Crystal Plus pods replicate the most popular flavours from their disposable range like 'Cherry Ice' & 'Rainbow' and you can expect a more intense flavour profile thanks to its 1.1Ω mesh coils and 11W output. The SKE Crystal Plus kit is priced identically to its ELF counterpart coming in at £7.99 for the device and £4.99 per pack of 2 pods. 


Vaporesso XROS 3 Series

If you wish to convert to a refillable device then the recent swathe of vape kits to have hit the market makes it the perfect time to make the switch. There is literally an endless choice when it comes to choosing the correct device however in this situation you should take special care to ensure you can replicate the satisfying experience of a disposable e cigarette with a device set up. Our recommendation is one of the following:

Vaporesso XROS 3 MINI:

This compact device is draw activated and resembles a disposable e-cigarette in weight and size and well as its operation. It is simply a case of refilling the pod with the e liquid of your choice, and charging the device as an when it is required. 

Vaporesso XROS 3:

The XROS 3 device has a firing button unlike its mini version however it can also be draw activated. The most prominent features with the XROS 3 is its adjustable airflow slider which comes in handy if you wish you tighten/loosen the draw.

Vaporesso XROS 3 NANO

The XROS 3 nano retains the adjustable airflow feature and includes a hook & lanyard if you wish to carry the device around your neck. 


You get a choice of 4 different pods(0.6Ω, 0.8Ω, 1Ω, 1.2Ω) which will vary the power of each draw slightly. 

The sudden surge of disposables has had a positive effect on the nic salt e liquid market as numerous brands attempt to replicate the flavour intensity of disposables with an e liquid alternative. The following brands offer a 'Disposable Bar' flavour range where you can experience the same intense flavour profiles that you would find in your favourite throwaway device:

Elfliq Nic Salts

ELUX Legend Nic Salts

Riot Squad Bar EDTN

Seriously Bar Salts

Bar Juice 5000


Switching to the Vaporesso XROS series of devices would not only reduce your expenditure with regards to using disposable e cigarettes but it also opens the door for you to use any e liquid of your choice without being restricted to closed pod devices. The most economical choice would be the XROS 3 mini at £18.99 with any 3 nic salt e liquids for £10, a total of £28.99 which at first is a relatively large purchase however in the long run a much cheaper option. 


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