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Naked 100

Naked 100 e-liquid is manufactured by an outfit called Schwartz, hailing from the USA, where many premium e-liquid brands are born. Naked have been a household name in the vaping community for years, they have recently expanded their range to incorporate a range with an icy kick & a tobacco range to complete their collection. Each of naked's e-juices has a distinctly prestigious flavour profile, they pride themselves in using only the finest VG/PG and naturally sourced USP grade nicotine, all with the ultimate objective to produce exquisite vape juices for the world to enjoy. Naked e-liquid is widely renowned to be one of the top selling vape juices in America.

Some of Naked 100's notable e-liquids include ‘Hawaiian Pog’ which is a unique & exotic rendition of orange, passion fruit & guava, their ‘Amazing mango’ e-liquid combines the gorgeous flavours of peach & mangoes with a heartwarming creamy undertone. Their ICE range includes ‘Frost Bite’, this is a stunning blend of pineapple, cantaloupe & honeydew melon with a crisp menthol exhale. Naked 100's latest tobacco themed line up includes ‘American cowboy’, this is a complex nutty vape juice with a full bodied american tobacco spine.


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