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Vaporesso XROS 4 Open Pod Kit

Posted by Kurtis O Brien on


  The Vaporesso XROS series of devices became a popular alternative for users who wished to move away from the use of disposables, its compact nature paired with ease of use and perhaps most notably its premium flavour production ensured it was the best selling open pod device of 2023. The long awaited 4th instalment of the XROS(XROS 4) is now available, here we can take an in depth look at this eagerly awaited vape kit. The XROS series has become to go to option for users to who wish to find more economical alternative to disposable vapes without sacrificing flavour intensity & practicality, all of which the XROS excels in.


Whats New?

  The XROS 4 kit is accompanied by one of Vaporesso's latest and most advanced pods, the 0.4Ω pod feature retains the COREX technology from is predecessors to ensure a smooth yet intense flavour(The XROS 4 device also comes with a 0.8Ω pod).




The device now allows you to adjust the output power to one of three settings(Low/Medium/High) when using the 0.4Ω pod and it is backwards compatible with the XROS pods from the previous devices. The SSS anti leak technology is still intact which will ensure minimal if not negligible leaking. 


   The latest COREX 2 pods are an upgrade to the near flawless COREX 1st edition pods, this time around you can expect 30% longer lifespan & 15% more vapour production. Vaporesso claim that the new COREX 2 refillable pods heat up faster than its predecessors and an upgraded cotton material has been incorporated to enhance the already premium flavour output. You have a vast range of resistances to choose from ranging from 0.4Ω - 1.2Ω



  The XROS 4 retains its slim body and features a new front facing LED panel where you can change the output power to one of three options(Low/Medium/High) which in conjunction with the rear mounted adjustable airflow slider allows you to truly tailor your vaping experience as you wish. 


Advanced Chipset

  Vaporesso's XROS devices are formidable mainly due to their smooth and consistent vapor production made possible by its AXON chip, this time around they have introduced a 'Super Pulse' feature which maintains a powerful and uniform output regardless of the battery charge level. The 'Super Pulse' feature paired with the various aforementioned upgrades ensure that the end user experiences a premium and consistent vaping experience each and every time


Battery Life 

  Vaporesso have maintained the 1000mAh battery capacity and its 2A fast charge function allows you to fully charge the battery in as little as 30 minutes. This LED panel also displays the battery charge level with its associated colour(Green 100% - 70%, Blue 70% - 30%, Red 30% - 0%). The recent release of the XROS pro device garnered mixed reviews mainly due to its questionable battery life which seemed to be drained by its display screen, the XROS 4 has rectified this by incorporating a more battery friendly display. 


Whats in the box?

1 x Vaporesso XROS 4 Device
1 x XROS Series 0.4Ω Pod
1 x XROS Series 0.8Ω Pod
1 x TYPE-C Cable
1 x Manual


First Impressions

The Vaporesso XROS 4 boasts the following features:

  • Dimensions: 120.8mm x 24mm x 14mm
  • Aluminium Alloy Body
  • 2ML COREX 2 Pods
  • Compatible with Previous COREX Pods
  • Built in 1000mAh Battery
  • 30 minute USB-C Fast Charge
  • Adjustable Airflow Slider
  • Button/Auto Draw Activation
  • AXON Chipset with PULSE Mode
  • Three Power Output Options
  • LED Battery Display
  • Numerous Protection Features

  The XROS 4 is more than adequate to use as your primary device, in our daily use test is was able to cater for a days use at around 400 puffs with no issues. The fast charge feature is relatively accurate, we were able to achieve a green battery level LED after 25 minutes which is certainly one of the most prominent upgrades of the XROS 4 device. The most noticeable difference from its predecessor is the concise flavour production from the new 0.4Ω COREX 2 pod, the draw is more intense with regards to flavour and dense in vapour, especially when using the highest of the 3 output power modes. 

  You can intricately adjust the airflow with the slider on the rear of the unit to either loosen/tighten the draw and additionally you can lock the device by clicking the fire button 4 times. With regards to aesthetics, the body of the XROS 4 is sleek and discreet whilst being sturdy & durable in its aluminium alloy body. You can choose from a wide range of colours which span from gradient colours to various camouflage designs. 



Last Impressions

The Vaporesso XROS 4 lives up to its expectations and continues to be the perfect device for users wishing to ditch disposable vapes. The fast charging capability & customisation options are a welcome addition as well as the next COREX 2 pods which allow you to get the most out of your chosen e liquid. The XROS 4 is built well, this is noticeable when holding the device where its weight and sleek aesthetics give you the feel of a premium device. The deciding factor of the XROS 4 is of course the resulting vaping experience which as expected is simply unrivalled, clean & concise flavour production and copious vapour as well as the choice between MTL(Mouth to Lung) or DTL(Direct to Lung) style vaping ensures that this device can cater to a wide range of prospective users.

The Vaporesso XROS 4 is available for only £24.99 in a host of colours and designs to choose from which include camouflage, dual colour gradients and a liquid wave effect. 


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