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Terms & Conditions

When placing an order with, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions. Any questions related to our terms & conditions should be forwarded to or you can contact us on 0208 580 5870. An explanation of the criteria used in these terms & conditions are set out below: 

Fogfathers UK Ltd: Refers to Fogfathers UK Ltd which is registered in UK with company number 09835439. 

Goods: Refers to any goods you purchase from website or in store. 

Services: Refers to any services you purchase from our website or in store. 

Personal Information: Refers to any personal details you provide to us. 

Us/Our/We: Refers to Fogfathers UK Ltd which is registered in UK with company number 09835439, our VAT number is 322482423.

Website: Refers  to our website 

You: Refers to you, the person ordering from us. 

1. Ordering from 

1.1 When placing an order from our site, you will receive an email confirming the order has been placed and money is received from your account into ours. This email does not guarantee that we will meet your order as extenuating circumstances can prevent us from doing so, although this is very rare.  

1.2 Any special offers or codes can be removed without notice. We reserve the right to withdraw any special discounts even after an order has completed. 

1.3 Anything purchased from is subject to the eligibility of the person order, we must be able to confirm your age in a satisfactory manner for your order to be accepted. Only when this is confirmed will be proceed to send out your ordered items. 

1.4 Any product can be removed from sale without notice if we deem it necessary due to safety issues or normal operating issues with the item 

1.5 We reserve the right to withhold delivery of any items if we are inclined to believe the payment method used is fraudulent. 

1.6 If requested by us, you will be required to provide some personal details which may include, but is not restricted to, your name, phone number, email, payment details and other requested information.  

2. Prices on 

2.1 All prices shown on are final and will not be subject to any extra charges.  

2.2 Although all prices are set accurately, errors can occur and we hold the right to stop any sale if an item has been purchased at the incorrectly shown price. Any payments taken in these situations will be refunded as soon as possible. 

2.3 If payment from your side fails then: 
  • We withdraw the right to deliver your goods 
  • We will not have any duty to dispatch or delivery your goods 
  • If payment is made at a later date, the items price may have changed and you will be duly obliged to pay the latest price of the item 

2.4 In terms of the payment method you use: 

  • You confirm the payment method is yours or that you have the appropriate permission to use it 
  • That no unlawful means are associated with the payment methods you use 

2.5 In line with TPD regulations cases with payment, age verification checks are required to satisfy that you are of a legal age to buy electronic cigarette products and thus to complete the transaction, any delays with such checks can lead to a delay with dispatching your order. Orders will only be completed and dispatched when such checks are completed and successful.  

2.6 Our age verification service ( will use electoral roll data/valid identification data to check & validate your age, if said check returns a negative result, you will be given another opportunity to validate your age via the validation agencies website.  

3. Delivery of goods 

3.1 Our free delivery service for goods over £20 will be by means of Royal Mail 1st class post. The length of time for this is usually 1-2 working days but we cannot guarantee this and are not liable for any delays with this nature of delivery option. 

3.2  Any delays with Royal Mail are not controllable by, so we cannot and will not be liable to any delays with your items due to this. 

3.3 Special next day delivery is guaranteed by the next working day if ordered before 1PM Monday to Thursday (excluding public holidays) 

3.4 will not be held liable to any losses incurred to yourself due to delays in delivery, this does not affect your statutory rights 

3.5 At the point of yourself receiving our goods, all responsibility of the goods and their wellbeing are passed on to you as the owner of the item. This is not related to faulty goods which can be returned but must be in the same condition and not show signs of misuse or damage inflicted as a result of human error (such as dropping a device) 

4. Cancellations, refunds and replacements 

4.1 will accept returns for unwanted items no later than 14 working days after delivery was received by yourself, postage is not reimbursed for unwanted items. If the item is not faulty but returned for other reasons, it must be in the same condition as it was received & sealed, any noticeable damage or signs of misuse will result in a rejection of the product.  

4.2 Any faulty goods purchased on IQOS & VYPE branded products) can be returned up to 90 days after the delivery.  Return of faulty goods via post must be at your own cost and risk. We strongly recommend that you bring faulty goods to our store in person for inspection, otherwise via appropriate methods of recorded delivery.

We shall inspect the item and upon accepting the fault, we will refund you faulty item cost and orginally delivery fee. All faulty goods should be returned via recorded delivery to: 

Returns Department, Fogfathers, 878 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 0RR. 

We, Fogfathers UK Ltd, reserve the right to refuse an item deemed faulty by a customer if we feel foul play is involved(such as evidence the device has been dropped or water damaged or used incorrectly). Any faulty item outside of the 90 day warranty period will not be accepted. 

4.3 We do not, under any circumstances, accept returns on e-liquids, drip tips, coils or vape tanks due to hygiene and safety related issue, unless the the vape tank or coilis found to be faulty upon first use. You us must contact Fogfathers within 24 hours of receiving their order for the warranty to be applicable.
You should only order these items if you are entirely sure about your proposed purchase. It should be noted that a leaking tank does not constitute to it being faulty. 

4.4 You, the customer, are responsible for any returns until we receive them, you are obliged to return products via recorded delivery to ensure we receive them (postage fee will be reimbursed upon receiving and inspecting the item). If the item is lost and you cannot provide a tracking number, any refund will be rejected.  

4.5 Any item which is returned to us due to it being faulty & accepted by ourselves as a genuine fault which was of no fault of the customer will be replaced/refunded with any postage costs reimbursed by ourselves. 

4.6 All IQOS Kit sales are restricted to a maximum of 2 devices per person. Orders of more than 2 devices must be made with unique customer contact details including name, address and contact number.

IQOS guarantees provide cover against faults and breakage during normal use within their gaurantee period.

IQOS customer care team should be your first point of contact if any issues arise with your product. Please call 0208 580 5870 where they will help with troubleshooting and replacement of faulty devices.

IQOS provide a 12 month warranty with any device purchased from Any faults regarding your IQOS device should be directed to their customer service 0208 580 58700. Devices cannot be returned due to a change of mind or dislike of the product.

5. Your personal information 

5.1 will need to collect certain personal information about you to complete any orderWe do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties. 

5.2 You agree to us using your personal information, solely for the purposes of completing your order or for our personal marketing purposes (if you opt-in), when you enter this information onto our website. 

5.3 We will never pass your details on to any third parties, nor will be hold sensitive information about you (bank details...etc) on our database. 

6. Liability  

6.1 We,, will not be held liable for any loss or damages caused to you in the following conditions: 

6.2 Where safe guidelines are provided for some products, you must oblige by these guidelines for safe and trouble free use of our items. Not abiding by them is considered misuse of the product, therefore we would not be held liable to any issues with the product as a result of this. 

6.3 We will not compensate towards you if any issues are associated to yourself as a direct result of a faulty product provided by us. are resellers of products and do not conduct quality or safety checks on our products, although we will refund faulty products within the 90 day warranty period as described in article 4.2. 

7. responsibilities 

7.1 will endeavour to describe all of our items as accurately as possible. Dimensions of items shown may not be completely accurate and therefore returns will not be accepted as a direct result of incorrect dimensions 

7.2 Although stock updates are instantaneous, errors in stock numbers may occur (this is rare)and result in a probable delay in the delivery of your product 

7.3 Our descriptions sometimes include statements from us which are conclusions regarding the product that we have realised as a result of using the product first hand. These are personal recommendations from and cannot be used a means for returning a product as faulty. 

7.4 You are inclined to read all instruction manuals and instructions for use of your items before using. We will not be held liable for any items becoming faulty due to misuse of item, nor will we be held liable for any loss incurred due to misuse of items which include but are not restricted to: fire, flood, death, destruction of property or loss of earnings. 

8. Reviewing

8.1 Our review service offers consumers the opportunity to rate and review their genuine, first hand, experiences with our businesses. Specifically:

  • You can only review us if you have had a direct, first hand, experience with us. Not based on what they heard from friends or relatives.
  • For clarity, our definition of an experience is where we you have been actively engaged as part of a buying process or delivery of the service we offer. You can only review a us to the extent of your direct experience, e.g. you obtained a quote from us but did not accept the products can review their experience with obtaining the quote but cannot review the delivery or ongoing support for the product or service.
  • In addition, you may not write a review about our business:
    1. That you or any family member have any financial interest in;
    2. That you are employed by or otherwise work for us;
    3. That is a competitor to a business that you or any family member have any financial interest in, are employed by or otherwise work for;
    4. In exchange for payment; or
    5. Where your interaction occurred more than 12 months previous to submitting the review
  • Our advice to our customers is that if they have had a bad experience with us, to try to explain why in your review. Genuine negative feedback is fine, but constructive criticism is much more useful to our business and potential customers than an angry rant.
  • The personal details of reviewers will never be shared 3rd parties, without obtaining permission, unless we are required to share them related to a court or government order.
  • We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But, we do not permit abusive or offensive behavior, towards our businesses or other users. This includes (but is not limited to) the use of profanities; threats; prejudiced comments; hate speech; and/ or, sexually explicit language.
  • We respect our users privacy and do our utmost to protect it. We expect users to join us in protecting people’s privacy and for reviews to be unbiased and objective.
  • Anything posted should be a reviewer’s own, unique work. This includes not uploading images/ videos, or using content in videos to which someone else owns the copyright. Content may be removed, without notice, if we receive a complaint from the copyright owner.
  • All reviewers should be aware that the content they submit becomes visible to anyone who visits website.

9. Fogfathers Reward Points Programme

9.1 All IQOS/Ploom/Vuse products including device and HEETS/EVO products  purchased via our website do not accumulate points towards our rewards program.

9.2 Any rewards points earned through the purchase of of non IOQS products, birthday bonus and social share incentive, cannot be redeemed against an order which includes an IQOS/Ploom/Vuse device or HEETS/Ploom.


    Any correspondence with ourselves should be made via the following mediums: 


    Phone: 0208 580 5870

    Post: Fogfathers, 878 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 0RR 

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