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1. E-Cigarettes 

1.1 What is an e-cigarette? 

An e-cigarette provides a user with an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. An e-cigarette device is typically made up of a battery source, a tank & e-liquid (this e-liquid may or may not contain nicotine).  

1.2. What do I need to buy in order to vape? 

At present, the e-cigarette market comprises of a vast array of kits allowing for vapers to choose from a diverse spectrum of vaping solutions. You’re able to buy a closed pod device where by readymade e-liquid capsules are inserted for instant & easy use, or you can buy an e-cigarette kit which can be topped up manually by refilling the atomiser(tank). A power source in the form of special batteries are usually required which would need to be bought separately, although some mods will contain a built-in battery. 

1.3. How much will an e-cigarette cost me? 

The cost of your e-cigarette depends entirely on the type of device you desire, here at Fogfathers our range of complete cigarette devices can cost anywhere between £20 - £80.

1.4.Ordering IQOS

To purchase IQOS & HEETS, our customers must be at least 18 years of age.

It is compulsory for us to carry out a process for age verification. 

To purchase IQOS & HEETS our customer must be a UK resident. This includes: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

This excludes any country outside of those listed above including ROI & Channel Islands. 


2. Ordering from 

2.1 What delivery options do I have? 

At Fogfathers, you will get free 1st Royal Mail delivery on any orders over the value of £20! Royal mail estimate that around 90% of parcels sent via 1st class within mainland UK will be with you the next working day. If your order is under the value of £20, the delivery charge for 1st class delivery within mainland UK is £2.99 (you must allow 5 working days before you can raise a dispute for not receiving your items). The various other delivery options you have are displayed in the table below: 

Click & Collect from store 

Same Working Day 


Royal Mail 1st Class  

1-2 working days  

£ 3(Free for orders over £20) 

Special Next Day 

Delivery next working day  

£ 5

Special Saturday Delivery 

Delivery next day (Saturday) 

£ 8

2.2 Can I collect from your store?

Indeed you can! Just select the ‘click & collect’ option after the payment stage & we will get your order ready for pick up from our flagship West London store! The click & collect option is free of charge. Our modern store is a spacious & friendly environment with a lounge to relax & unwind, you can find us at:

Fogfathers Vape Shop, 878 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, UB4 0RR 

2.3 Do you ship overseas? 

Fogfathers currently does not deliver outside of the UK, however we are getting the wheels in motion for worldwide delivery by the end of 2018! 

2.4 I want an item I can see on your website but it is out of stock, when will you re-stock? 

Our vast inventory is replenished daily, we source our products from all over the globe and thus delivery times can be unpredictable. We suggest giving us a call on 0800 098 8797 for information regarding re-stock dates for individual products you desire. 

2.5 What payment methods do you accept? 

Fogfathers allows for secure payments via PayPal which is quick & easy and a market leader for e-commerce websites, we also accept all major credit & debit cards. 

2.6 How can I cancel my order?  

If you wish to cancel your order, you should call us direct on 0800 098 8797 so that we can proceed in cancelling your order as quickly as possible. If your parcel has already been posted, please send it back to the return address on the rear of your parcel with the products still sealed. Any refund will be issued upon receiving and inspecting the products. 

2.7 What will I see on my bank statement? 

Any order from Fogfathers will appear as Fogfathers UK Ltd’ on your bank statement. 


3. Tanks/RDA’s/RDTA’s 

3.1 How long should the coil last in my tank? 

The life of your coil depends on several factors, the frequency of how much you vape being the most contributing factor. Heavy usage will decrease the life of your coil, additionally using e-liquid which contains sweetener will also drastically decrease the life of your coil. If you regularly fire your device at the higher end of the coils recommended wattage you can also expect a shorter lifespan. With all of these factors in mind, the average lifespan of a coil in a device used by a typical vaper is between 7-10 days before it needs replacing.  

3.2 Why is my tank leaking? 

If your tank is not leak proof, there are several reasons why your tank could be leaking. The most common issues are worn o-rings which need replacing, or a worn coil which can no longer saturate your e-liquid and therefore leaks. Other factors include e-liquid which thins out due to very hot weather or constant vaping at high wattages, or cracked glass.  

3.3 What resistance or type of coil should I choose? 

Many modern-day tanks have a wide variety of coils for you to choose from. You should check the wattage recommendations carefully to see which suits you best, these are on the coil itself or can usually be found on the box.  

3.4 I have changed my coil, now the tank wont fire. 

Due to the nature of replacement coils, it is common for some coils to not work (dud coils). If this is the case, we would need to see evidence of this for a replacement which would be provided with your next order.  

3.5 Can I use the same coil for different e-liquids? 

To maintain a high calibre of flavour from your e-liquid, we recommend only mixing similarly themed e-liquids if the coil is not being changed (fruits with fruits/desserts with desserts). We also strongly recommend removing the coil and washing the tank out to avoid and cross-flavouring occurring due to presence of the previous e-liquid.  

3.6 RDA’s & RDTA’s 

Rebuildable dripping atomisers require you to install a coil or coils manually, and also insert cotton into these coils, you would then add e-liquid direct to this cotton in order to achieve a higher calibre of flavour and a larger volume of vapour. RDA’s & RDTA’s should only be used by advanced vapers due to the nature of these products, you should take special care if your device is unregulated, paying extra attention to the coil's resistance and the limits of your battery (more information here)


4. Batteries 

4.1 My battery doesn’t seem to work anymore. 

This could be for several reasons, you should first check the connection of the charging port if you are charging the battery within a device, use a different lead to see if this is the issue. If you are using an external charger, ensure the battery is inserted the correct way around.  

4.2 My battery is damaged, can I still use it? 

This is a big no no! Any tears in the battery wrap or dislodging of the insulation ring at the positive end of the battery means you should responsibly dispose of your battery as soon as possible. Check out our battery safety link for more information regarding caring for your batteries.  

4.3 How long should my battery hold charge? 

This is dependent on the capacity of your battery; a higher capacity means the battery will generally last longer. The power at which you use your device is also a factor, constantly firing at higher powers will result in your battery losing charge quicker. 

4.4 How do I know if my battery is not a counterfeit? 

You should always buy your batteries from a reputable retailer to ensure the authenticity of your battery. Fogfathers only sells genuine batteries which have been individually batch tested for your benefit.  


5. After your purchase 

5.1 How can I best care for my device? 

Like a mobile phone, you should always take care of your device to avoid any damage leading to a compromise in the device's operation. We strongly recommend buying an aftermarket case to help protect your device from any damage if it drops. You should never carry batteries loose in your pockets, Fogfathers will always provide you with free cases for your any 18650 batteries you order which should be used to store your batteries if they aren’t within your device.   

5.2 What if I am not happy with my purchase or change my mind? 

You can return your purchase if it is still sealed and unopened within 7 days of purchase, any refund will be issued upon inspection of your purchase to ensure it hasn't been used.  

5.3 My device is faulty, what do I do? 

Any device sold at Fogfathers comes with a 3-month warranty which covers you against any defects which are not caused directly by misuse (such as dropping the device). If your device is genuinely faulty, you should return it to the return address which can be found on the rear of your parcel, we will then inspect the device for any damage and issue a replacement/refund if there is a legitimate fault.  

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