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Lost Mary Release New Flavours

Posted by Kurtis O Brien on

The long awaited release of the new range of Lost Mary disposable devices is before us, this range of 10 flavours taps into previously untouched realms from the Elf Bar brand resulting in a sublime extension of this already popular brand. Below is a list of the most recently released Lost Mary Flavours:

Lost Mary Grape: Sweet red grape with a touch of cooling.

Lost Mary Cherry Ice: A jubilant rendition of juicy cherries with a refreshing icy undertone.

Lost Mary Mad Blue: A medley of blueberry, raspberry & mixed berries resulting in a uniquely sweet flavour. 

Lost Mary Juicy Peach: Gorgeous golden peach flesh with a touch of ice.

Lost Mary Pink Grapefruit: A tangy citrus fuelled inhale with additions of pink fruits.

Lost Mary Blue Razz Cherry: Tangy blue raspberries with a sweet cherry interlude.

Lost Mary Watermelon Lemon: Luscious watermelon with a tangy citrus exhale.

Lost Mary Cherry Peach Lemonade: A rich blend of peach & cherries over a refreshing lemonade spine.

Lost Mary Red Apple Ice: The sensual taste of ripe red apples with a crisp icy overtone.

Lost Mary Strawberry Kiwi: Ripe strawberries with a serene infusion of kiwi and a subtle cooling touch.


Lost Mary disposable devices have risen in popularity due to their unrivalled flavour profile. You will get approximately 600 puffs from these compact devices which were designed by the seasoned disposable brand Elf Bar. Their innovation and consistent batches of new products which trump their predecessors has led them to climb the ladder to become the best disposable brand on a worldwide scale. 

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