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What is a squonk device?

Posted by Fogfathers Admin on

‘bottom feeder mod’, or ‘squonker’ as they are more commonly known, is a vaping device which holds an e-liquid containing bottle within a mod that re-wicks your RDA when it is squeezed. A squonker is a device which is a result of vapers wanting more precise flavour from their e-cigarette, it allows a user to have all the practicality of a dripper without the hassle of having to re-wick manually every few fires or so. Squonkers come in all shapes & sizes, you can get small ones (around 4 inches tall) or considerably larger ones which hold multiple batteries, you can also choose between an unregulated squonker or a regulated device.   

The RDA attached to the top of the device would contain a small hole which allows for juice to be fed from the mod thus allowing for regular wicking when need be, the bottle containing your chosen e-liquid is house within the mod, with a window to allow you to squeeze the bottle when you wish. One of the best selling unregulated squonkers currently on the market is the Geekvape Athena, users of unregulated squonkers or unregulated mods in general should ensure they test their coils before fixing into an RDA, and that the battery they are using is genuine and has an adequate amp rating. The number of regulated squonkers to hit the market is steadily growing, the iJoy capo was one of the first, with the more recent VandyVape Pulse BF regulated mod proving popular in the vaping domain.  

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