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The Rise of Pod Systems & Nic Salts

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Vaping has become a worldwide revolution & continues to be to single most successful method of quitting smoking to ever come to fruition. Since its inception became popular around 2012 & vaping became the norm within modern society, manufacturers of vaping related products have longed to replicate the sensation of smoking a cigarette in electrical form and with the recent rise of pod system devices & salt nicotine it looks as though we are closer than ever to seriously reducing the number of smokers.

Salt nicotine is different to conventional ‘freebase’ liquid nicotine mainly due to the way it is derived. It is purer & more alike to the nicotine that occurs in tobacco leafs, resulting in a smoother vaping experience whilst achieving a more satisfying ‘throat hit’ without being harsh. This allows for some e-liquids to have a nicotine strength of 50mg when mixed with salt nicotine, the same strength when using ‘freebase’ nicotine would be way too harsh for anyone to enjoy. Due to higher strength that most people deal with when using Salt Nicotine, devices had to be adapted in order to achieve a smooth yet satisfying hit and thus the creation of ‘Pod’ devices have come to light. Products like the JUUL pod device or Vypes Epen3 have had the help of some heavy ad campaigns in order to pave the way for more advanced vape kits which are now proving a hit for kicking your smoking habit.


Open pod devices allow for the user to fill a holding unit (which contains a coil and wicking/vaporising medium) with e-liquid of their choice & therefore opening a plethora of possible flavours to choose from. Closed pod devices are somewhat restricted in the sense due to the fact that you would have to buy pre-filled pods which are specific to that brand of e-cigarette, once the e-liquid in said pod is finished you simply dispose of it & insert another one. The year 2019 has seen open pod devices come into their own, devices such as the Smok Nord & the Zeltu X are not only affordable, but allow for the user to vape any e-liquid whilst delivering a smooth hit largely due to their high resistance coil (+1Ω). This high resistance factor allows for a longer battery life which wouldn’t usually be possible with a relatively small device, the end user can now benefit from a smooth & intense nicotine hit which can be vaped in a mouth to lung style and thus closely replicating the sensation of smoking a conventional cigarette. The amount of pre mixed nicotine salt e-liquids in the UK has grown exponentially in recent times, closely correlated with a massive range of open/closed pod vape kits which is no coincidence when considering the early entrants popularity.

It is exciting times for the vaping industry where the UK is concerned, the vaping community eagerly awaits to see what the next ‘Hot’ product is and then decide whether it is the next big thing!

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