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The Rise Of Disposable E-Cigarettes

Posted by Kurtis O Brien on

Disposable e-cigarettes

  You may have noticed in recent times a growing number of people vaping on a ‘highlighter’ shaped device, odds are this is a disposable e-cigarette of which the popularity has spiked in 2021. The simplicity of these devices and their vast range of flavours has been the driving force of their rise in use, typically they contain 20MG of nicotine which is the highest amount allowed in the UK however they wont be as harsh as you may envisage due to their relatively low power. The leading brands at present are Geek bar, Elf bar and Solo bar however various household names now boast their own disposable kit which include Nasty Juice, Dinner Lady & I VG.

  Disposables are not new, it is worth noting that Dinner Lady’s disposable e-cigarettes have been available at petrol stations since early 2020 where they were moderately popular for passing trade. Geekvape well and truly began the trend with their Geek bar product in early 2021 which has paved the way for fellow manufacturers to follow suit. In our experience, Geek bar customers are in the 18-25 demographic which doesn’t bode well in the long running battle to ensure e-cigarettes do not attract under 18’s. On the other hand, any practise adhered to in place of smoking traditional cigarettes with all of the associate health implications is surely a silver lining.

  Disposable e-cigarettes are restricted to no more than 600 puffs due to the 2ML limit courtesy of the TPD regulations which came into place in 2017, this number is comparable to a 20 pack of cigarettes and ultimately making disposables the cheaper option. These devices are crafted to be inhaled in a MTL method mainly due to the relatively low amount of vapour production and as touched upon before, the intensity of flavour in these devices is truly precise and one of the reasons they are so popular. If you are in the process of trying to quit smoking then disposables are a fantastic point of entry into the vaping world.

  The sustainability of disposable e-cigarettes is perhaps the most concerning aspect of their rise in popularity and use. They should not be disposed of in public bins as they contain a battery and their plastic body build means recycling them is not practical due to the built in cell. As a responsible company which is actively championing the move to recycle where possible, Fogfathers dispose of used devices for our customers however unfortunately this isn’t usual practise for most brick & mortar establishments and not feasible for online only retailers. With care taken to dispose of disposable e-cigarettes responsibly, the vaping community as a whole can reap the rewards and maintain sustainability.  

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