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E-Cigarette Options: Its never been a better time to quit smoking!

Posted by Kurtis O Brien on

E-cigarettes are now established worldwide as a successful smoking cessation technology as opposed to the 'fad' tag they carried during their inception. The growing number of users in conjunction with the huge array of vaping options on the market has led to a positively correlating user base, here we will take a look at the various options available to you and the best products in their respective categories according to our best sellers.

Closed Pod Devices

Vuse ePod: The ePod & ePen closed pod devices are the most popular device of its kind in the UK. Their convenience and nationwide availability has meant that its user base has increased steadily over the last few years. A fairly limited range of pods are available in strengths 6MG/12MG/18MG, these include popular flavours like tropical mango & chilled mint which are blended with salt nicotine and labelled as their 'VPRO' range. They are compact and easy to use, their widespread popularity is due to its ability to deliver a restricted draw much like a cigarette and their relatively low cost.


  • Low cost device
  • Replacement pods available in most supermarkets and off licenses
  • Flavours mixed with nic salts
  • Auto-draw feature


  • Limited flavours
  • Low vapour production
  • Pod range lacks powerful flavour


The JUUL closed pod arrived to the UK from its silicon valley origin to take over the e-cigarette market much like it did in the USA. Its sleek design and super compact nature makes it a stylish smoking cessation device and a popular e-cigarette, albeit less popular than JUUL would have liked. The limited pods are available nationwide with strengths 9MG/18MG, mixed with salt nicotine in order to maximise throat hit and vaping satisfaction. The latest JUUL device harbours advanced technology, including bluetooth connectivity to monitor usage on your smart phone, a locking feature and beeping function which will help you locate your JUUL if you have misplaced it. 


  • Sleek & compact design
  • Nic salt blends to ensure satisfying throat hit
  • Auto-draw feature
  • Replacement pods available in most supermarkets and off licenses
  • Finder function - Beeps to locate device when misplaced


  • Limited flavours & modest flavour depth
  • Expensive relative device and replacement pod cost
  • Low vapour production

Open Pod Devices: MTL(Mouth To Lung)

Caliburn A2

The Caliburn series of e-cigarettes are amongst some of the most popular devices in use at present, their compact nature and premium flavour production as well as the rise in use of nic salt disposables has paved the way for consumers to choose the Caliburn A2 in place of perhaps a Geekbar or Elfbar. The Caliburn A2 uses pods as opposed to coils, simply dispose of your old pod and insert the new one when the time comes in what is a mess-free and simple process. The Caliburn A2 sports an auto-draw system and it can be fully charged from empty in well under an hour. 


  • Low startup cost
  • Fast charge
  • Easy pod change process
  • Auto-draw feature


  • Only suitable for 50/50 ratio e-liquid
  • Relatively low battery capacity
  • Restricted flavour production

Voopoo Argus

 The Voopoo Argus is a compact device capable of providing the user with either MTL/DTL vaping styles. The Argus is a sturdy kit which allows you to adjust the wattage and use a wide array of coils, furthermore you are able to adjust the airflow with its adjustable airflow port making this a versatile open pod device that is suitable for a wide range of vapers. 


  • Adjustable wattage
  • Wide range of coils
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Suitable for all VG/PG ratios


  • Chunky build when compared to MTL devices
  • Pod susceptible to leaking
  • Relatively long charging time

Disposable E-Cigarettes:

Geekbar: Probably the most widely used e-cigarette in 2021 is the Geekbar by vaping giants Geekvape. These bright coloured pens provide roughly 600 puffs and contain either a 10MG/20MG strength in a vast range of vivid flavours such as watermelon ice & pink lemonade. Their compact and convenient nature as well as nationwide availability has been the catalyst for their growth, simply use the device to its intended maximum and dispose of it responsibly when it is used. Users can enjoy a satisfying throat hit due to its high strength nic salt ratio and a concentrated flavour profile made possible by its design.

Nasty Airfix: Nasty's first foray into the disposable e-cigarette market was the 'Fix' pen which hit the shelves in early 2020. The all new Airfix range is a worthy upgrade, featuring their most popular e-liquids like 'Cushman' & 'Slow Blow' in disposable form. Airfix pens differs from its competitors in that it is available in either 10MG/20MG and features an adjustable airflow dial allowing you to tailor the tightness of the draw. 


  • Convenient and widely available
  • Tremendous flavour quality
  • Nicotine ratio ensures satisfaction


  • Regular purchases means high cost
  • Most on the market are non-recyclable
  • Most are 20MG nicotine strength


Open Pod Devices: DTL(Direct To Lung)

Drag X Plus Professional: The Drag X plus professional is one portion of a long line of the Drag franchise from Voopoo. This relatively compact device is designed to produce copious vape clouds and to focus on the flavour of the e-liquid as opposed to nicotine delivery, 3MG is typically the highest nicotine strength used in the Drag X Plus Professional kit. Its advanced chipset provides a premium vaping experience with the ability to tailor your vaping experience with regards to the tightness of the inhale and output wattage as well as a range of stealthy coils to choose from(up to a maximum 100W).


  • Long battery life
  • Powerful output for copious clouds
  • Adjustable output power/airflow
  • TYPE-C fast charge


  • Nicotine strength limited to 3MG/6MG
  • Bulky when compared to MTL devices


Smok Thiner: The rather tellingly named Thiner device by e-cigarette stalwarts Smok is a credit card shaped MTL device which uses replaceable pods as opposed to coils. This slick device uses mesh coils and features a tight draw to ensure a vaping experience that mimics the inhale of a cigarette. The Thiner device is perfect for high nicotine nic salts and its adjustable output power gives you the opportunity to increase/decrease the intensity of your draw. As a whole, this near flawless product is perfect for MTL users who value compactness when it comes to choosing the right smoking cessation device. 


  • Thin & compact stature
  • Pods with built in mesh coils
  • TYPE-C Fast charge
  • Perfect for 50/50 nic salts


  • Relatively low battery life
  • Maximum 25W output wattage
  • No airflow adjustmens 

Traditional Tank & Mod:

Geekvape Legend 2: The legend series are synonymous with vaping giants Geekbar for creating sturdy kits that are perfect with 70/30 ratio e liquids. The latest in this series is the Legend 2(L200), a dual 18650 battery advanced mod which is paired with the Zeus vape tank making this kit capable of reaching relatively high output wattage. If you wish to extract the highest quality of flavour and produce large vape clouds whilst vaping e-liquid less than 6MG in strength then this device is the perfect candidate. Any users that wish to use high nicotine strengths would not want to use the Legend 2 as the delivery would probably be too harsh. 


  • Sturdy build (Shockproof/Waterproof)
  • Large battery capacity
  • Achieves excellent flavour


  • Not suitable for high nicotine e-liquid
  • Bulky size and considerable weight
  • Charging time can be up to 90 minutes


Heated Tobacco

IQOS: The first contraption of its kind to heat tobacco was the IQOS device which hit the market in early 2018. Designed with the help of numerous lab personnel and a multi billion pound budget, the IQOS was created to replicate the sensation of smoking a cigarette whilst containing up to 95% fewer harmful chemicals* Since its launch, it has reached users on a global scale and slowly increased in popularity. IQOS uses patented technology that heats up a blade, this blade warms the VG coated tobacco in the HEET stick to provide tobacco flavoured vapour that mimics a cigarette. (*IQOS Fact Checker)

PLOOM: Ploom arrived on the scene during 2021, providing an alternative heated tobacco option for users. Their technology works by using a heating element that surrounds their 'EVO sticks' which results in a tobacco flavoured vapour that is inhaled much like a cigarette, emitting significantly less chemicals. Although still in their infancy in the UK, their 1st edition Ploom device is proving popular amongst users wishing to replicate smoking cigarettes. 


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