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Is VooPoo's GT2 dual battery box mod one of best on the market?

Posted by Kurtis O Brien on

The GT2 vape mod by VooPoo has been on the market for a number of months now, here we will delve into the overall perspective of this device after some use.

Box mods were once the main component owned of the typical vaper, this usually chunky device would house 2(sometimes 1) batteries and provide the power for your tank as well as allow you to adjust various parameters to tailor your vaping experience. The GT2 with 2 x 18650 batteries weighs in at a considerable 300g and if you were to buy this device as a full kit it would be accompanied with VooPoo's MAAT vape tank. The charging port is conveniently housed on the top panel and features a sliding panel to prevent dirt getting stuck in the port. The charging itself is 3A fast charge if you are charging the batteries within the device however charging your batteries via an external charger is recommended.

The most prominent feature of the GT2 is its robust build, it is intricately constructed to create a dust/water/shock proof IP67 rating which is welcome news to vapers who regularly drop their device. The GT2 seems to have taken some inspiration from Geekvapes Legend 2 with regards to its dimensions, sturdiness & overall feel. 

Aesthetically this device oozes a sleek demeanour with a crisp colour screen that displays all the necessary data in a clear manner, beneath the screen you will find the up/down buttons as well as a sliding 'LOCK' button which will prevent any misfiring. The brain of the GT2 mod is the much revered GENE.TT 2.0 chipset, this is one of VooPoo's most advanced processors which boasts various modes(TURBO, SMART, RBA, TC) and extensive protection features,  you can fire up to a maximum of 200W making this mod suitable to pair with literally any tank. You can expect a hefty 4 hours operation on a full charge with heavy usage making it practical for long drives or perhaps lengthy fishy trips!

The GT2 vape mod by VooPoo shows their versatility within the vape scene which at present is dominated by pod devices, VooPoo have still managed to create a world class mod to cater for traditional glass tanks and they have stamped their authority whilst doing so. 

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