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Vaping Deaths in the USA

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The recent spate of widely publicised vaping related deaths in the USA have presented arguably the greatest challenge to the the vaping industry since its inception. This sudden concerning news regarding the deaths of at least 12[1] people & many more suffering possibly lung deterioration as a direct result of vaping is enough to sound alarm bells to the many millions of vapers across the globe and therefore here we will take a look at the reasons behind these deaths & how it has impacted the world.

The first point to focus on with regards to these cases is the product being used, a large number of the patients concerned were using THC containing products and thus there is a element of foul play. The majority of any recorded vaping related illnesses is with vapers under the age of 35 [2], which triggered a somewhat knee-jerk reaction of banning ‘flavoured e-liquids’ amongst states in the USA with the reasoning being to avoid luring minors to take up vaping. As a direct result of these chains of events, the CEO of Juul resigned with immediate effect due to the fact a lot of blame of underage use of e-cigarettes was associated with the emergence of Juul products and its large market share.

These incidents have had a derogatory effect on the vaping industry in the USA, forcing shops to close & the general consensus of vaping being harmful to ones health spreading like wildfire. Unfortunately, the most likely outcome will be a rise in the number of smokers as the vaping scene may have been irreversibly tarnished. In the UK however, constant endorsement of vaping from the NHS, Public Health England and leading doctors means any damage to the vaping industry will remain minimal. An estimated number of 3.6 million vapers exists in the UK and with this number steadily rising it shows a positive influence in getting smokers to ultimately kick their bad habit. The future for vaping remains slightly cloudy (excuse the pun) due to a lack of knowledge in regards to the long term effects, however for the foreseeable future vapers can rest assured that this industry is growing & will continue to thrive.

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