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Where To Find IQOS Heet Sticks Online

Fogfathers are authorised stockists of IQOS Heet sticks online, browse our range at FogFathers UK. Here you can stock up on the latest products for your IQOS device with our dedicated vaping service & wide range of IQOS related products. 

The origin of the FogFathers UK story started back in 2014. Since then we have grown to become one of the leading vape product providers in the country. We truly believe you deserve to have the best products and do all we can to make sure you can purchase them at the most competitive costs.  

If you enjoy the taste of tobacco, but want to quit traditional smoking, the IQOS device may be perfect for you.  

Heet sticks work exclusively with IQOS products. They contain tobacco which has been cured with Vegetable Glycerine that when heated using IQOS revolutionary ‘heat not burn’ technology, emits tobacco flavoured vapour similar to that of a cigarette. This is all achieved whilst lowering the risk of higher levels of toxins usually obtained from smoking cigarettes.  

You can choose from a range of heets, namely turquoise, yellow and amber. It’s just a case of finding which one satisfies you most. The IQOS device itself symbolises elegance and sports an ergonomic design that will slide nicely into your pocket or bag.  

For purchase enquires, don’t hesitate to contact us via our website or by giving us a call for further discussion on 0800 098 8797. You can also pop into our store for a free drink and fresh coffee in our modern lounge area to relax and unwind during your shop. 

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