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Rise of vaping has left a dent in the pockets of tobacco kingpins

The exponential growth of vaping is there for everybody to see, you may have noticed a large influx with the general public walking through the street exhaling plumes of vapour whilst holding something reminiscent of a conventional cigarette. In the space of 7 short years, smokers who had otherwise tried & failed to quit smoking were introduced to the world of e-cigarettes and as they discovered a way to successfully quit their habit whilst still achieving the dose of nicotine to satisfy their cravings. Recent reports [1] dictate that the growing number of current vapers has wiped a collective £100 billion off the cigarette industries stock value which has had a knock on effect that swayed these large conglomerates to invest huge amounts into vaping products such as IQOS, Blu & Juul. As more and more consumers switch to vaping, cigarette companies will inevitably take a hit in profits and there they will inevitably continue to claw back their profits via vaping products which are proving ever so popular. Add into the mix the endorsement of the use of e-cigarettes by well respected doctors, Public Health England & the NHS, the growth of e-cigarettes seems like it wont be slowing down anytime soon.

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