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JTI Launch New Ploom X Device

Posted by Kurtis O Brien on

The maiden Ploom device(Ploom S) has been available in the UK for over a year now and has experienced relative success as JTI attempt to make a mark in the lucrative heated tobacco industry. The upgraded Ploom X device is now available and it promises to be a more technologically advanced and improved kit. JTI claim to have listened to feedback surrounding the previous Ploom S device and have worked to rectify some of the flaws from the previous model. The specific features of the new Ploom X are unknown however it is safe to say we can expect a better all round device and ultimately a more satisfying vaping experience. Aesthetically the Ploom X appears more defined with a more rigid rectangular shape, the Ploom X can also be connected to your mobile via Bluetooth to monitor usage and battery level which is most certainly a welcome feature. We can expect the Ploom X to hit the shelves in convenience stores and vape specialists by the end of 2022, giving the heated tobacco customer sector another choice in what is a relatively a narrow market. A price of point of around the £30 mark should be expected to coincide with the previous models launch cost.

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