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IQOS ILUMA Device and TEREA Sticks

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IQOS Iluma

  The long awaited release of the IQOS Iluma device is will be launched on September 4 2023, the Iluma promises to be the most advanced IQOS device to date and all forecasts show that sales of the 4th IQOS product to be released in the UK will result in the most popular IQOS device to date. Here we will take an in depth look into the operation and the overall experience when using the IQOS Iluma.


IQOS Introduction and history

  Heated tobacco is a relatively new technology which the makers of IQOS(Philip Morris) initiated back in 2016 with the launch of their maiden IQOS device. The heated tobacco method consists of cured tobacco which has been laced with vegetable glycerine, this is heated via a ceramic blade that is penetrated into the midst of the HEET stick which when inhaled emits a realistic tobacco flavoured vapour. The products success has grown exponentially since its inception mainly due to aggressive marketing by Philip Morris, its worldwide availability and its reminiscence of traditional cigarettes.                

  The amount of smokers in the UK can be considered modest when compared to other nations however the UK still retains a tobacco appreciative stigma, the latest figures estimates that between 13%-14% of UK adults are smokers which equates to around 6.6 million people [1]. Phillip Morris have pummelled billions into the initial development of their IQOS product with the ultimate aim being to convert regular smokers to their heated tobacco device.

  In essence, the IQOS is a smoke free alternative to traditional cigarettes and contains an average of up to 95% less chemicals. [2] Whilst the device still involves the use of tobacco, the lack of combustion results in a less riskier alternative and therefore should be considered by anybody that is serious about quitting smoking.

  Philip Morris now boast a large customer based within their smoke free products sector, approximately 25% of their total net revenue infact[3]. As recently as 2020, there were 17.6 million active IQOS users worldwide and the trend is ever increasing as they introduce superior products to their inventory[3]. IQOS is becoming the norm in many regions of the world and some places exceeding conventional tobacco smokers, Japan is perhaps their most popular market where the number of IQOS users trumps the number of cigarette smokers[3].



Iluma Device

  The ILUMA is a 4th generation IQOS device and promises to be the most advanced to date by eradicating flaws which were prevalent in previous models whilst enhancing the tobacco inserts for the first time. The ILUMA was initially released in 2021 and launches in the UK in late 2023, initial reports suggest that an RRP of £69 should be expected for ILUMA and £39 for the ILUMA ONE. IQOS have patented their revolutionary ‘Smart Core Induction System’ where the heating element is built into the TEREA sticks as opposed to within the device. The previous models ceramic heating blade was the cause of much distress to IQOS users due its frailty which would deteriorate over time leading to breakage. This advanced technology uses electromagnetic induction which works in conjunction with the heating element within the TEREA stick to heat up to 350°, resulting in a smooth yet intense tobacco flavoured vaping experience.


  Perhaps the most notable difference between the ILUMA model and its predecessors is the use of TEREA tobacco sticks. Revolutionary technology advancements results in a smoother and more fulfilling draw whilst eradicating the need to frequently clean your device or deal with the common broken blade issue. The ceramic heating blade which was present in every previous IQOS model is mimicked by a stainless steel heating element which is cleverly embedded into the TEREA tobacco stick that IQOS have named its ‘Smartcore Induction System.


  This new method promotes even heat dissipation which is achieved by the surrounding element heating the TEREA stick as opposed to the previous ceramic blade. Users across the globe have reported a vastly refined flavour and a draw that is strikingly close to the use of traditional cigarettes.  






  The ILUMA ONE is the entry level 4th generation device by IQOS designed to be used ‘on the go’, this compact device boasts the ability to use 20 consecutive TEREA sticks per charge cycle.

  When unpacking your ILUMA ONE it should be fully charged which should take around 90 minutes. To use the device, the top sliding hatch should be moved to the right and your TEREA stick of choice can now be inserted. At this point the button should be held for 1 second until the device vibrates and the indicator LED begins to pulse, you will notice a second vibration and a solid indicator LED to let you know that the device is ready to use. Once the TEREA stick is coming to an end, the light will begin to pulse again and you will feel a slight vibration to let you know that 30 seconds/2 puffs remain.







  The ILUMA device is operated in a very similar way to its predecessor the IQOS 3.0 DUO(Also known as the IQOS original). When receiving your new device, the holder should be placed into the pocket charger and a full charge(Around 135 minutes) should initiate, press the ON button for 4 seconds to ensure you can see when it is fully charged via the LED indicator. Once you have your chosen TEREA stick to hand, simply slide it into the holder and press the button, you will feel an initial vibration to let you know that the heating process has begun and the second vibration indicates that the device is ready to use. The final vibration lets you know that you have 2 puffs/30 seconds remaining. If there is still an LED flashing on the holder, you can begin a 2nd use otherwise the holder should be placed back into the pocket charger where it will prepare for your next use.




  The only notable heated tobacco device in the UK other than IQOS is the PLOOM X kit by JTI. This device was introduced in 2022 as a direct competitor to IQOS and uses a similar concept albeit with some notable differences. The PLOOM X device and its EVO sticks is certainly more attractive with its sleek and subdued ‘teardrop’ shape, the EVO sticks are inserted directly into the device in a similar fashion to the ILUMA ONE. The heating process via its surrounding plate in what PLOOM call its ‘Heatflow’ technology and the device can cater for 20 EVO sticks per charging cycle, its vibration alerts and LED indicator system shows you how many puffs you have remaining.



  The 3rd and 4th generation IQOS devices are difficult to tell apart on first glance, the notable differences are internal and significant.

  The IQOS ILUMA(Also known as the IQOS 4) retains the strongest features of its predecessor(IQOS ORIGINALS/3 DUO), these are as follows:

  • 2 Consecutive Uses 
  • Pocket Charger with 20 Uses

  The IQOS ILUMA's biggest upgrade is the ‘Smartcore Induction System’, this innovative technology heats the TEREA sticks internally via the embedded stainless steel blade, eradicating the need to frequently clean and avoiding the previously commonly occurring blade damage. Aesthetically, the new IQOS ILUMA will be available in a range of striking colours. The all new TEREA sticks replace the previous HEET sticks which are not compatible with the new ILUMA device, the TEREA sticks are sealed at both ends and available in the same 10 flavours as before.


When will the IQOS ILUMA be on sale in the UK?

  The much anticipated IQOS 4 device will be released in the UK on 4th September 2023. The IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ONE will be released simultaneously as well as the all new TEREA sticks.


How much will the IQOS 4 ILUMA cost?

Whilst the exact cost of the IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ONE device is unknown, it is rumoured they will will retail at around £69 & £39 respectively. You can expect to pay a similar price for TEREA sticks as the current HEETS which is around £50 per outer(200 sticks)



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