Puff Monster

The Puff Monster E-Liquids are an american based e-juice manufacturer, hailing from a secret location somewhere across the pond. Puff Monster is crafted & blended by a single man whos identity is only known as ‘The Puff Monster’, there are very heavy rumours circulating within the american vaping community that ‘The Puff Monster’ invented vaping, built the worlds first e-cigarette & is single handily responsible for the worldwide uprising of vaping however none of this has been proven.

Puff monsters e-liquids began being formulated in 2014, they were released in 2016 to the public after vaping perfection was achieved. Each of puff monsters 3 e-liquids have been expertly blended to give the end user tremendous flavour, with only the finest USP grade flavour concentrates and nicotine used. Their e-juices include ‘Monster Milk’ which is a caramel drizzled milkshake with a sweet hint of strawberry. OB1 Cannoli is a desert based cream filled pastry with a strawberry glaze & the final vape juice on their roster is ‘Jungle Juice’ which is a combination of mango & tropical fruits. Each of puff monsters e-liquids have a 70VG/30PG ratio, we offer these premium e-juices for an unbeatable £4.99 per 10ml so you really have no choice but to try one of these showstoppers now!

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