Donuts E-Liquids

Another delightful export from the USA is ‘DONUTS’, a max VG range of e-liquids with an unrivalled selection of donut based e-liquids. The donut themed e-liquid market has thrived as of late, DONUTS is one of the originators of this craze and their flavours are so good that they have remained at the pinnacle of doughnut flavoured juices. You can choose from strawberry donut which has a sweet strawberry undertone, or blueberry donut which has the perfect flavour balance of a freshly baked donut with a blueberry jam twist, both juices are complimented with the most gentle hint of ice cold fresh milk. Available in 30ml for a very reasonable £12.99 a pop, youll have no excuses not to have a bottle of DONUTS e juice at your disposal!

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