Cuttwood Sauce E-Liquids

Created and mixed from the heart of LA California comes Cuttwood Sauce, the e liquid choice for bosses. E – Liquids connoisseurs with a glowing reputation of creating five star e juices, mixed and bottled in a lab of the highest safety standards, they currently have a 10 strong selection of e liquids with more in the pipeline for the near future! Their liquids have a range of different VG/PG ratios which shows their intricacy in perfecting their individual creations, their best seller in the UK is ‘Unicorn Milk’ which is a silky mix of strawberries and 4 different creams. Another of their prominent flavours is ‘Boss Reserve’ which is a complex mix of golden honey graham cereal with roasted nuts, drenched in milk and with the slightest hint of banana. You can pick up a bottle of Cuttwood sauce in either 15ml or 30ml, choose Cuttwood and you can vape like a real boss!

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